Friday, January 6, 2012

Back in the groove

Oh, how I enjoyed getting back into the groove of our routine this week. I rather enjoy a schedule and I know kids typically thrive with consistency, so it was nice to get back to our non-holiday lifestyle. Speaking of schedules, I am looking forward to the day that Ashton is on some sort of a routine, specifically a napping one. Until recently, the only way he would nap was on me, and that was after being rocked asleep. All week I worked on getting him to take naps in his crib. We've had wavering success. Most days he slept 20-30 minute stretches in his crib, but one morning he slept a whole blissful hour and a half! I found myself a bit lost with what to do with the "free" time. I took a shower, did some projects with Spencer, played, etc. I'll continue to work on Ashton's napping because I simply cannot carry around a sleeping baby all day long anymore. My back is angry with me.

We started back up with our alphabet projects right where we left off before the holidays--the letter G. You'd think since I had plenty of time to stew over possible projects and activities that I'd have a long list of ideas, but I found G difficult. My husband supplied me with some ideas--golf, gorilla, giraffe--so I ran with his ideas, sort of.

Our Gg flashcard was a lot of fun. We decorated the Gs with glitter. Spencer loves shaking and probably would have continued to shake all the glitter out of the bottles if I would have let him. We used green and gold glitter to stay with the G theme, but my husband loved the coincidental Packers colors. Spencer was having so much fun with the glitter that I decided to bring out paint to use as "glue" for some more glitter fun.

Our other G activity was to play golf. I pulled out the plastic golf clubs and some balls and we putted into a overturned diaper box. This was a hit, so we continued to play golf all week long and even got Daddy to join us at night.
Gg alphabet photobook card.
"No pictures, Mommy!"
So happy to enjoy the very rare nice January day.
Since the weather was so nice, we just had to take advantage and get outside! How often can you say you played outside in January without snowpants, boots, mittens, etc? I put the kids in the double stroller and we walked into town to play at the park. It was refreshing to get outside for a change.
Not as excited as big brother to be outside.

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