Sunday, December 4, 2011

'Tis the Season

We kicked off the holiday season this week by picking out a Christmas tree. Spencer had more fun playing with the Christmas totes than actually decorating the tree. I've slowly been decorating the rest of the house. It's feeling a lot like Christmas!

I found a neat idea online to document each Christmas by stamping hand prints onto a tree skirt every year. I bought a plain tree skirt and some fabric paint and then tackled the tricky task of actually getting my kids' hand prints onto the tree skirt. Spencer was easier than I anticipated, but as I stared at Ashton's clenched fists, I decided it might be easier to go a different route. I traced a stencil of his hand print from a previous project onto the fabric with the paint instead. It doesn't look as authentic as the real thing, but it got the job done. I'm excited to see the growing hands on the tree skirt over the years.

We also had the great privilege of my sister Hope visiting us this week. It was nice to have two sets of helping hands and an additional playmate for Spencer, not to mention an adult for me to converse with. Spencer is still asking for "Ho-hee." She obviously made a big impression on him!

This weekend we had our annual Christmas party with our friends. We decided to start a tradition of taking a group picture of our children to see their growth over the years, as well as our individual families.

Ashton had his one month well check this week. He now weighs 11 lbs 3 oz (75%) and is 23 1/2 inches (90%) long! I joked that I must have miracle grow in my boobs because that kid just keeps on growing! I'm not used to having a kid on the high side of the scales. I made the mistake of getting flu shots for me and Spencer before the doctor came in to see Ashton. I should have waited until the appointment was over. Spencer had a meltdown and would not stop crying. He wouldn't even let "Ant Ho-hee" hold him while the doctor looked over Ashton. Instead he clung to my leg and cried hysterically. Ashton also had to get lab work after the appointment to redo the newborn screening he got done in the hospital after he was born. Spencer stayed in the waiting room with Hope so it'd be easier, but he ended up crying when he realized I had left anyway. (His regression to his old clinginess to me is quite frustrating!!) But Hope handled the situation nicely and was able to calm him down quickly. Meanwhile, the lab tech was making my other son scream while pricking his heel and then squeezing blood out of it. (Is there not an easier way to get blood from a baby?!) Needless to say, the morning could have gone better.

In the holiday spirit, I decided to dress my kids up and take their pictures, hoping I'd get a few good ones for the Christmas card. There was one picture in particular I wanted to duplicate from Spencer's first Christmas.

The Christmas card:

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