Sunday, December 11, 2011

More holiday spirit...

We put the alphabet projects on hold another week to do some more holiday themed activities. I always like to give something homemade as Christmas gifts to the grandparents. This year I got my inspiration from Parents magazine. The gifts started with a big cardboard box. We painted, colored and put stickers on it. Once the box dried, I cut out letters to spell LOVE. Then I posed the boys with the letters and put the pictures in a frame. I liked the letters so much that I decided to hang them on Ashton's bedroom wall.
Messy business.

Snack break.

Finished product.
Homemade art on Ashton's wall.

We also made Christmas cookies. Spencer enjoyed rolling out the dough and using the cookie cutters, but he especially loved frosting and sprinkling the finished product. I had more sprinkles on my counter and floor than on the cookies!

Time to sample our hard work.

The aftermath.

Homemade wrapping paper.

This weekend we had our Christmas get together with Grandma Amy and Marmer. We had some yummy food and exchanged gifts. Spencer colored on a paper bag and I used that to wrap their gifts. I think the highlight of the night for Spencer was the ball pit Grandma got him.

Grandma using all her hot air ;)

Reading in his new chair.

Helping Daddy shovel.
Snuggling with Daddy.
We also made a trip back to my hometown for my grandpa's 100th birthday party. Can you imagine...100 years walking this earth? It was good to see all my family during the holiday season since I normally am not able to make it home due to the weather.

Although I very much enjoyed all the family time, I must say the highlight of my week was Friday night when I was able to get away with no kids and have some much needed Angie-time! I left the boys home with their daddy and I went to the movie with my friend and her 11 year old daughter. I am afraid to say that my husband did not enjoy the experience as much as I did since Ashton cried the majority of the time and had issues eating from a bottle. We'll have to work on the bottle issue, otherwise it could be one long year of nursing!

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