Saturday, December 17, 2011

Ho, ho, ho!

I truly love this time of year--the days leading up to Christmas. I think I might even like it more than the actual day itself. There's something about the anticipation and all the activities involved. Along with more projects this week, we also enjoyed a few of our new traditions.

Our first project was a major failure. We attempted to make snowflakes by folding white paper and cutting slits in the folds. Scissors turned out to be too big of a challenge for Spencer, although he very much likes them. I guess we'll put them away for a while.

Our second project was to make Rudolph. First, we stamped Spencer's hand print onto a piece of paper. Once dried, I glued on a red pom pom for the nose and some googly eyes.Then he painted onto a piece of thin cardboard with both a foam paintbrush and a small branch I cut from our Christmas tree. Then he glued some needles from the tree branch onto the cardboard. Once that was dry, I glued his hand print onto the cardboard. I did learn my lesson during this project:  Do not leave my child unattended with a bottle of Elmer's glue. I was gone a few minutes to change Ashton's diaper. When I came back, there was a big puddle of glue on the table. Spencer had unscrewed the cap from the glue and dumped it all out.
Friday we attended our second Supper with Santa at the elementary school with some good friends. We did some crafts in the gym and ate a school cafeteria supper (YUM!) and then visited with Santa. Last year Spencer screamed and cried and did not enjoy his Santa visit. This year he did a lot better. He preferred not to actually sit on Santa's lap, but he did manage to tell him what he wanted for Christmas (a tractor, of course). Ashton happily sat on Santa's lap for a few minutes.
Visiting Santa at the fire hall a few weeks ago.
We also walked through the rotary lights with our good friends again this year. Last year each of us only had one kid; this year we have two apiece. Funny how much can change in a single year. Although it was pretty cold, it was fun watching the kids' reactions to the lights. Hopefully next year it'll be a bit warmer! I love making holiday traditions and enjoying them as a family each year.
Aside from the holiday stuff, I also captured my ever-growing baby playing on video. Ashton is less and less of a newborn each day and more alert and active. It's fun watching him change. He sort of smiles now and opens his mouth wide as if he's trying to find his voice.

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