Sunday, November 27, 2011

I am thankful for..... first successful holiday as a family of four.

Ash is wearing the same outfit Spenc wore
on his first Thanksgiving, except Spenc
was nearly 4 mo. old.
Our Thanksgiving weekend was filled with family and friends. We spent Thanksgiving day at Grandma Amy's and Marmer's and our big, dysfunctional family. It was a bit loud and chaotic, but would you have family gatherings any other way? Friday was filled with more quality family time butchering deer (well, they butchered; I played with the kids) and then dinner with some good friends. Saturday we actually relaxed at home, except for a quick trip into town. Sunday was my Grandma Faye's 80th birthday party. Spencer woke up with a fever and a runny nose and nasty cough, so he stayed home with Daddy while Ashton and I made the trek home for the party. Seeing my family and old friends was a great way to end to a holiday weekend.
I am thankful for my boys.

After bath hair.
One of my favorite moments of the weekend was seeing the mom and sister of my friend who passed away this fall. They gave me some jewelry that belonged to Annie. I will cherish the bracelet, necklace and earrings,  and think of my dear friend when I wear the jewelry.

We did manage to do a few projects this week. I didn't take a picture of the card we made for my grandma. I recycled some old projects of Spencer's to make her card. I traced Spencer's and Ashton's hands and cut out a heart from the old projects. Then I measured the length of their arms from hand to hand with some ribbon. I attached the hands to the ribbons and then to the heart. The heart said "I LOVE You THIS Much, Grandma" (meaning the length of their outstretched arms).

Spencer tracing his shoe.
The other project was Thanksgiving-themed. Again I traced their hands and their shoes. I used their feet as the body of the turkey and their hands as the feathers. It's neat to compare the size difference between the two turkeys.

Here is the latest growth picture. It's hard to believe Ashton is already a month old! He has his one month well check-up this week; I'm curious to see how much he weighs now.
1 month old.

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