Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Mama Kangaroo
Halloween was a lot of fun this year! We've been talking about trick or treating since September. We checked out books from the library and practiced what we'd do after knocking on people's doors. I got Spencer's costume in September, but he was afraid of it! So we spent a lot of time talking about the kangaroo costume and kangaroos in general. We were very pleased today when he put the costume on willingly and jumped around like a kangaroo. Ashton didn't seem to mind his bumblebee costume. It was nice and warm.

First time trick or treating.
We went trick or treating to friends and family's offices this afternoon. And then tonight we went to about ten houses in our neighborhood. Spencer loved it! He was very interested in all the "people" out and about. He never did manage to say "trick or treat" or "Happy Halloween" or even "thank you." But he had a great time. When we got home, Spenc helped us hand out candy to a few trick or treaters before he headed to bed (on a sugar high decline!).

We also managed to do a Halloween project last week. We made stained glass window pumpkins by painting on coffee filters and then spraying them with water. Spencer very much enjoyed spraying the coffee filters. Afterwards he was still in a project mood, so he painted and colored some more.

Here are the big bro/little bro shirts I ordered online.

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