Thursday, October 13, 2011


This week I really wanted to enjoy the nice fall weather before it turns into icky winter weather. I especially wanted to work in some Halloween-themed projects now in case I don't have time once the baby comes. I tried working these things into the letter D.

We first decorated pumpkins by painting them outside. I tried posing Spencer next to our beautiful artwork, but it is hard to get him to sit still for a picture these days.

Next we made Drawing Dough by mixing some flour, water, salt and paint. Spencer had fun mixing the paint into the separate color dishes. He used spoons to paint onto a piece of cardboard. Once this dried, I cut out the Ds for the Dd flashcard.

Dd flashcard.

We also learned that D is for Daddy.
Dd photobook.

We enjoyed the nice fall day outside playing in the leaves as well.

I had my weekly prenatal doctor appointment today and discovered I am now dilated to 3 cm! I asked the doctor if he would strip my membranes, which he did, after explaining he will be out of town this weekend. Since stripping my membranes could start my labor within a day or two, I am a little bummed my normal doctor would probably not be the one delivering my baby. Fortunately, I do like the other doctor, though. I am just ready to have this baby and wanted to take whatever measures available to me to hurry this process along! I'm not sleeping well because I can't get comfortable. I end up tossing and turning all night long. Not to mention my frequent trips to the bathroom! At least my rib pain has eased up a bit since the baby has labored down in preparation for the birth. 

Speaking of preparations, we are all organized on our end. Bags packed. Car seat installed. Baby's room set up. Baby gear out. Plans A-Z on what to do once I do go into labor ironed out. It was easier last time for two reasons: (A) I lived in the same town as my hospital and (B) I didn't have another kid to consider. Now it depends on when I go into labor what we do with Spencer. I'm crossing my fingers we won't be waiting too much longer!!!

On a side note: I have ankles again!! The swelling gradually went down. And I didn't gain a single pound since last week, which is a huge improvement over gaining 4 pounds last week.

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