Friday, September 16, 2011

The End of the Alphabet Road

This week marked the end of the alphabet. We had fun with the letter Z. Spencer put stickers of zoo animals on a big letter Z. Then we hung up the last letter to complete the alphabet on his door.

Next we filled Ziplock bags full of old oatmeal and used them as bean bags. Spencer loved this and we spent quite a lot of time playing with them on the deck. He is still playing with them!
Filling the Ziplock baggies.
Bean Bag Toss.
Taking a break from playing to ham it up for Mommy.
This week I also had the great pleasure of watching my friend's kids while she had surgery. They spent two nights at my house. Briella is almost 2 and Bryson is almost 5 months old. I got a taste of what it is like to have three kids! It was a nice trial run for night feedings with a baby again! I loved cuddling with the little guy, but every time he was in my arms, my baby would kick and kick. Can they sense those things?
Bryson cuddling in bed with me.
Packed in my van (note the 2 car seats in the middle row).
Briella playing with the homemade bean bags.
Yummy feet!
Project in memory of the kids' grandpa.
I had my prenatal appointment this week. Everything looks good. My doctor went over the ultrasound and there isn't anything to be concerned about. The amniotic fluid is perfect. The baby's size is actually measuring bigger. He is head down. All the organs are good. Etc. He is still measuring me small with the measuring tape, but he thinks it's because the baby has already descended past the pelvic bone, which is the set point he measures me from, so the measurements might not be accurate. He isn't concerned anymore. Boy, is the little guy ever moving these days, and his movements are strong!!
35 weeks.
This weekend Spencer and I are making a trip back to my hometown. My childhood best friend is struggling with cancer again and is currently staying in a nursing home. Grandma Keeha is going to watch Spencer while my sister, Hope, and I make a trip to the nursing home to visit my friend. I have a bit of trepidation surrounding this visit. I am not quite sure what to expect. I have heard a few stories from other people regarding her condition, but I don't think I'm fully prepared. I love Annie with all my heart. She has always been like a sister to me. This visit is definitely necessary but still carries with it a lot of heart break and worry. Please pray for my friend!!

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