Saturday, August 13, 2011

U are a hard letter!

The end of the alphabet is proving to be very challenging. What do you do for the letter U? We taped Us I had clipped from magazines onto a big construction paper U. I used double stick tape, so they were like stickers to Spencer. He loved it.

On Friday I had the pleasure of watching my friend's two kids, Briella and Bryson. I enjoyed having a baby to snuggle with; Spencer enjoyed having a playmate. Dave...well, he was a bit overwhelmed with a house full of kids, but he was very helpful. Spencer and Briella made umbrellas, which was very fitting for the rainy day. They first painted on a sheet of white paper. Once it was dry, I cut the papers into shapes of umbrellas and taped onto a piece of construction paper.
Since we couldn't go outside to play, we made the best of our situation indoors. The kids wrestled Dave (and, apparently, girls can be rougher than boys!), sort of watched an Elmo movie, fought over toys, colored, had storytime with Dave, and went on a "hayride."

This week was also a week filled with birthdays. Spencer turned two on Monday and I turned the big 3-0 on Wednesday. My friends and family are throwing me a big party tonight to celebrate the end of a decade, but I enjoyed a quiet evening out to dinner with just my husband Wednesday night. My friend asked me on my birthday if I was happy with where my life is at age 30, and without even hesitating, I answered yes. How could I not be happy? I have a great, supportive, tolerating husband; an amazing, adorable, charming son; another little guy on the way; and the best friends and family a girl could hope for. Yes, I am indeed happy at my life at age 30. It definitely helps the sting of being "old."

Spencer had his two year well check this week as well. He is getting bigger (although still small)! He weighs 24 lbs 11 oz. and is 33 inches long. He moved up in the scales from his last appointment at 18 months from 10% on both height and weight to 25% height and 30% weight.

Speaking of weight and height, the little guy in my tummy is also growing. He now weighs in at approximately 3 pounds and is 15.7 inches long. At 30 weeks, I have 10 more to go! I have really begun to feel pregnant lately. I have heartburn, the worst leg cramps at night that don't seem to relent during the day, I'm tired, I have limited mobility in some directions (namely bending over) and I can't quit eating chocolate!!! Oh, and my husband would probably say I'm very moody, but perhaps that really isn't a pregnancy glitch, but more a natural part of my personality ;)

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