Friday, August 19, 2011

My Daddy's a Veteran!

This week we had fun with the letter V. We first took a field trip to Vets Memorial Park in Winona to locate the brick I bought for Dave a few years back. It is a brick honoring his time in the Operation Iraqi Freedom War. Dave beamed proudly when we found it. It's located in a section of the park that will house the OIF monument some day.

Dave and Spenc pointing to
Daddy's brick.

We decorated our V by creating a vine. Spenc was thrilled to put stickers of leaves, flowers and bees onto the paper. I connected the leaves with a green colored pencil to make it a vine, and then I wrote this Bible verse along the side: "I am the vine; you are the branches." -John 15:1-5.
Our final project was to create a volcano. I found an easy recipe online and tried my best to duplicate it. I made the volcano out of a paper plate, plastic cup, tinfoil and some tape. The lava was water, baking soda, vinegar and red food coloring. (I didn't have any regular vinegar, so I used some red wine vinegar instead. Not sure if that affected the lava eruption or not.) Below are the pictures and video.

Spencer very much enjoyed this activity and kept asking to erupt the volcano again and again. Next time I'd use a smaller cup and actual vinegar and maybe the eruption would be bigger and cooler.

As summer winds down, we hustle to enjoy every last minute of it. We are very busy until after Labor Day. On the agenda this weekend is a river excursion on Marmer's pontoon today. Then Saturday we are heading to the cities overnight with another family for a little getaway that includes the zoo, shopping, swimming at the hotel, eating and the Underwater Aquarium at the Mall of America.

The baby is now 16 inches long and 3 lbs. Every day the reality of this thing growing in me becomes clearer and clearer. Pretty soon we will be a family of 4. My soon to be pretty calm household will be turned upside down!! Good-bye sleep!! Good-bye Angie-time, or what I like to call my "lunch break" while Spenc naps. I'm starting to understand why people pop out babies one right after you can never remember what it's like to sleep through the night and have some (no matter how limited) free time. And I'm nervous to see how Spencer accepts a new member of the family. He's so calm and sweet and (mostly) well-behaved right now. It's only natural that he go through a stage of acting out when he rebels against this new person consuming his mommy's time. Will he become less of a mama's boy?!! Do I want him to be? So I constantly ask myself:  Am I ready for this?!!!

Of course on the flip side of my anxiety is the excitement to finally meet this creature growing inside of me. I can't wait to hold him and smell him and kiss him and cuddle him. I'm dying to know what he looks like. Will he be like his older brother or a completely unique person? I'm prepared for the MONTHS of colic we experienced with Spencer, but I wouldn't mind being pleasantly surprised by a calm, content baby either. Time will tell....and soon.
31 weeks
Being a smartbutt.

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