Friday, July 15, 2011

What the heck do you do for the letter Q?

Q really stumped me, I'm not going to lie. I had a lot of trouble even conjuring up the ambition to focus on this letter because of my lack of ideas. Thanks to my husband and friend, Ann, for supplying some Q words for me.

We started by using scratch pieces of scrapbook paper to make a quilt on a funny looking Q. (Not only is Q a hard letter to formulate activities for, but it's also hard to draw!) Spencer was in glue stick heaven. As soon as he saw the art supplies come out, he got really excited and starting saying, "E, E." This told me two things: (1) It's been a while since our last project, and (2) He's mastered the letter E.

Our only other project was to paint with Q-tips. Spencer's first instinct when he saw the Q-tips was to put it in his ear. He didn't enjoy this project as much as I thought he would.
This week we started swim lessons at the local aquatic center. Last winter we did swim lessons at the Y and Spencer was a fish! He loved them. This time around he is a bit less enthusiastic. I am not sure if it's because we are in an outside pool, rain or shine (and it's been kind of cold!). Or if it's because lessons at the Y were completely in the deep end where Mommy or Daddy were always holding onto him, whereas now we are in the shallow end of a big pool where he isn't always being held by Mommy. Or it could also have something to do with his not-so-new stage where he's suddenly more sensitive to things he previously didn't care about. He often clings to me in the pool and will squeal when the instructor or I ask him to do something, like kick his legs or float on his back.

At 26 weeks my baby is about 14 inches long and 1 2/3 pounds. We are trying to prepare Spencer for the arrival of his brother. I think he somewhat understands. I bought a newborn onesie at Target the other day and told Spencer it was for the baby. Later that night I told Spencer to show Daddy what we got. He ran to the shopping bag and pulled out the onesie and kept saying, "bebe, bebe." He'll still point to my tummy when I ask him where the baby is and he loves pulling up my shirt to give kisses.

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