Saturday, July 30, 2011

S is for Spencer

We started the letter S off by putting smiley face stickers on a big S. Spencer absolutely loved this project since stinkers are one of his favorite things in the whole world. Once he got sick of putting the stickers on the S, he decided he wanted to play the Pin the Stickers On My Body Parts game. We used to play this when he was just learning his body parts.

Our next project was to learn Spencer's name. I wrote his name on a piece of paper and then he decorated it with letter stickers. For fun he got to color on the paper and put other stickers on, too.
I stole our next activity from another SAHM (thanks, Autumn!!) and it was a lot of fun. Watch the slideshow I put together of Spencer taking a spaghetti bath.

He really enjoyed long as the spaghetti was not touching any part of his body. He was very neat during the whole activity, and didn't even think of throwing the noodles until I showed him how to.

Our field trip this week was to Lake City to see the sail boats on Lake Pepin. Spencer loved seeing all the boats and the ducks. Afterward we ate at a small hometown cafe that has the most delicious food! Spencer enjoyed a chocolate chip cookie that came with his kid's meal, and would only share a few small bites with Mommy. Here are a few pictures from our excursion.

Waving at the water.

Admiring the sail boats.

A little update on the pregnancy front: I had my glucose test this week. Of course I failed the initial one, just like I did with Spencer, so I had to go back and take the three hour test. I've come to realize it really isn't named properly. I was at the clinic for nearly 4 hours!! I even experienced my first clinic fire drill during my visit there. Thankfully I passed the glucose test and do not have to worry about gestational diabetes. I am very relieved to know that I can still eat all the yummy things that I love so much! Besides the brief diabetes scare, my prenatal appointment went well. The baby measures right on track at 27 inches. He weighs about 2 1/4 pounds. I guess he can also open and close his eyes. His movements are much more noticeable these days as well. He will physically move objects that are on my belly, like a remote, for instance. It's a neat thing to witness, but I do not enjoy it when he uses my bladder as a kicking or punching bag! At 28 weeks, I am now on the home stretch: the third trimester!! I'll be seeing the doctor every 2 weeks now. And very soon I will be meeting my beautiful baby boy!

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