Friday, May 20, 2011

Jumping for J

I was a little uninspired by the letter J, to be honest. Ideas weren't jumping out at me like they normally do. We did manage to come up with a few projects, though.

We started by painting with Jello. I mixed some of the powder into water and let Spencer paint with it. The powder didn't dissolve completely, so the paint had little undissolved Jello crystals in it for a nice glitter effect. Spenc seemed to really enjoy this project. Once the picture dried, I cut a J out of it. Here is a short video of him Jello painting.
We made a jellyfish for our next project. Spencer Jello painted a coffee filter. Once it dried I stapled streamers to it (unfortunately the only streamers I had on hand were birthday-themed ones, so the jellyfish is festive).
Finally, we made a tambourine by coloring on paper plates and then stapling them together, leaving a small section opened. Spencer spooned rice into the opened section and then I finished stapling it closed. Once complete, Spenc had a jam session. Enjoy a video of his jam session below.

On the pregnancy front, the baby is now about the size of a bell pepper (5 1/2 inches) and weighs roughly 7 ounces. I have definitely been feeling the little one moving more and more lately! It's really a neat feeling. Spencer loves giving the baby a kiss. He won't give me a kiss, but he'll lift my shirt and kiss my tummy happily!! I don't think he quite understands about the baby just yet, though. The countdown on the big ultrasound is now 11 days!!!

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