Tuesday, May 31, 2011

IT'S A BOY!!!!

So our big ultrasound was today and it is confirmed beyond a doubt that we are having another boy!! I just knew it was a boy, too. It was great seeing my baby on the screen, moving and squirming and showing his little man parts. I cried, of course. The sonogram tech measured me at 20 weeks instead of 19, and as far as she could see, everything looked good and healthy. The radiologist will examine the ultrasound files and I will get the results from my OB/GYN during my prenatal appointment on Thursday.

Here are all of the pictures we got today. Bear with me, it's a lot!! It was neat because the clinic now has 3D capabilities, so we got to see pretty vivid images of my little guy.

Foot right above his head.
His little man parts!
Profile and leg.
Profile and foot right in front of his face. He's very flexible.
Another profile with foot.
Front view of face and body.
Profile with mouth opened.
3D:  front view of face and little hands.
3D:  front view of face and hands again.
3D:  face.
3D:  face and arm.
3D:  the sonogram tech drew on sunglasses!
3D:  face and arm.
3D:  face and elbow.
Looks like he's sucking his thumb...........
.....sucking his thumb?
Nope. Here is the 3D view. His hand was just close to his face.

19 weeks pregnant and almost in maternity clothes.

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