Friday, May 6, 2011

H is for Happy Birthday Daddy!

We started the week off by making May baskets. I realize we were a day late, but May seemed to creep up on me. Spencer colored on paper plates and I used them to make the May baskets. We stuffed them with goodies and delivered them to some good friends. Happy May Day! Hopefully the weather warms up soon so we can actually enjoy some outside time this month.

The letter this week was H. We did our normal letter activity by decorating a large H. I recycled an old ECFE project by cutting hearts out of it. Then Spenc glued them onto the H. He likes to glue for about  30 seconds and then becomes preoccupied by taking the cap on and off the glue stick.

Our next project was to make salt dough hand prints. Spencer did not enjoy sticking his hand onto the sticky dough and wasn't very cooperative. We had extra dough, so we cut out hearts. The end product is neat, but they take forever to bake!! We still need to paint them, because the blue food coloring grew paler and paler during the baking process. Now the color resembles moldy bread.

Thursday was my husband's birthday, so we made him a homemade card and cupcakes. After the dinner of his choosing (baked chicken, stuffing and garlic bread), we sang Happy Birthday and gave him his present and cards. The card consisted of hearts and hands to go along with the H theme for the week.

An update from last week's project: our Plant Pals are sprouting "hair" like crazy!!

In keeping with the H theme for the week, we actually got to hear the baby's heart beat for the first time on Monday!! We set up an ultrasound appt for May 31st. It feels a little weird--and very nice!!--to be scheduling an ultrasound that isn't due to any pregnancy complications. I am very excited to find out the sex!! I still think the baby is a boy. And I'm pretty sure I felt the little bambino move the other night. It was a faint feeling, like bubbles floating across my stomach, but I'm pretty sure it was my little baby. I hope I feel more movements soon. My baby is now about the size of an avocado (4 1/2 inches).

Enjoy a video of Spencer imitating what his Daddy does once he's done with his cereal.

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