Tuesday, May 31, 2011

IT'S A BOY!!!!

So our big ultrasound was today and it is confirmed beyond a doubt that we are having another boy!! I just knew it was a boy, too. It was great seeing my baby on the screen, moving and squirming and showing his little man parts. I cried, of course. The sonogram tech measured me at 20 weeks instead of 19, and as far as she could see, everything looked good and healthy. The radiologist will examine the ultrasound files and I will get the results from my OB/GYN during my prenatal appointment on Thursday.

Here are all of the pictures we got today. Bear with me, it's a lot!! It was neat because the clinic now has 3D capabilities, so we got to see pretty vivid images of my little guy.

Foot right above his head.
His little man parts!
Profile and leg.
Profile and foot right in front of his face. He's very flexible.
Another profile with foot.
Front view of face and body.
Profile with mouth opened.
3D:  front view of face and little hands.
3D:  front view of face and hands again.
3D:  face.
3D:  face and arm.
3D:  the sonogram tech drew on sunglasses!
3D:  face and arm.
3D:  face and elbow.
Looks like he's sucking his thumb...........
.....sucking his thumb?
Nope. Here is the 3D view. His hand was just close to his face.

19 weeks pregnant and almost in maternity clothes.

Friday, May 27, 2011

This Week is Brought to you by the Letter K

This week we focused on the letter K. Spencer very much enjoyed gluing Rice Krispies onto a large K. The K looks very goofy since I always free-hand draw the letters myself. I should invest in some large stencils! Here is a video of Spencer gluing the Rice Krispies.
Our next project was my husband's idea. A kayak, of course. I even customized it to be a We-No-Nah Canoe to make Daddy happy since he truly believes the boats he builds are far superior to any other on the market. Spenc was more interested in the glue than anything else.

Here is a video of Spencer giving the baby a kiss. Normally he'll pull up my shirt and give several kisses, but he was distracted by the snack.

Our next project was to make a kitty out of a paper plate. It isn't the most artistic kitty you'll ever find. In fact, it's kind of ugly!

Our final K project was a kite. Spencer painted a piece of construction paper I cut. Once it dried, I stapled more of the festive birthday streamers on it. This, too, is pretty ugly.

Finally, in honor of Memorial Day, we made a flag out of Popsicle sticks. Spencer painted them red and white. Then I painted a small square of white paper blue and added some white stars. Once the paint dried, I used the hot glue gun to glue the whole thing together.

My baby is now approximately 8 1/2 ounces and 6 inches long. So little still!! Yet I'm starting to have slight rib pain (already!) and some heart burn (oh joy!). The countdown to the big sex-revealing ultrasound is 4 days!!!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Jumping for J

I was a little uninspired by the letter J, to be honest. Ideas weren't jumping out at me like they normally do. We did manage to come up with a few projects, though.

We started by painting with Jello. I mixed some of the powder into water and let Spencer paint with it. The powder didn't dissolve completely, so the paint had little undissolved Jello crystals in it for a nice glitter effect. Spenc seemed to really enjoy this project. Once the picture dried, I cut a J out of it. Here is a short video of him Jello painting.
We made a jellyfish for our next project. Spencer Jello painted a coffee filter. Once it dried I stapled streamers to it (unfortunately the only streamers I had on hand were birthday-themed ones, so the jellyfish is festive).
Finally, we made a tambourine by coloring on paper plates and then stapling them together, leaving a small section opened. Spencer spooned rice into the opened section and then I finished stapling it closed. Once complete, Spenc had a jam session. Enjoy a video of his jam session below.

On the pregnancy front, the baby is now about the size of a bell pepper (5 1/2 inches) and weighs roughly 7 ounces. I have definitely been feeling the little one moving more and more lately! It's really a neat feeling. Spencer loves giving the baby a kiss. He won't give me a kiss, but he'll lift my shirt and kiss my tummy happily!! I don't think he quite understands about the baby just yet, though. The countdown on the big ultrasound is now 11 days!!!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Photo shoot

I was having fun one day doing my own mock photo shoot with Spencer. I got inspired by an idea in Parents magazine. Then I decided I needed to make a collage of the pictures. Just thought I'd share it since it turned out kind of neat. The original idea was to use one of Dave's ties, but I could not for the life of me figure out how to tie it, so we just used Spencer's easter tie. Gotta love velcro!

Friday, May 13, 2011

I is for Ice and Icky Insects

This is an old picture, but I thought
I'd share it in celebration of
Mother's Day.
I would just like to start the post by saying that I had a very nice Mother's Day. I am so lucky to be a mommy; it definitely is my favorite job in the whole world! I always knew I'd like being a mom, but I never understood just how much I would truly love it until Spencer came along. My lovely husband let me sleep in until almost 10:00!! We ate lunch at BBQ joint and then went to a park to play. Spencer loved going down the side-by-side slide with us. He laughed and laughed. Then we ate the cake Dave made for me and I opened my cards.

This week was all about the letter I. We glued Icky Insects onto an I. Then we ran (yes, ran) to Spencer's room to tape it on the door by the rest of the letters. Spencer is still a bit too young to really understand our letter projects, but I still try my best to explain them to him. After each letter activity, we tape the letter onto the door and I point out the past letters and I sing the alphabet song to him. For some reason, the letter G really stuck out in Spencer's mind. He'll randomly point at his door and say, "G, G, G." He won't say it when prompted, though, nor will he say the other letters either. I guess he really enjoyed the goldfish and grass projects during the G week!!

Our next project centered around ice. Monday I filled an ice tray with water and Spencer helped mix in food coloring. Then partway through the freezing process, I added popsicle sticks. Tuesday Spencer painted a picture of an insect with the colored ice sticks. He seemed to really enjoy this for about 5-10 minutes and then just wanted to feed me the ice instead.

Here is a video of Spencer ice painting.

We had plenty of opportunities to play outside this week because the weather was finally nice!! Just in time for some ice cream cones and icees. 

Coincidentally, this week's ECFE theme matched our letter: insects! So Spencer painted an insect, created a lady bug, played with big plastic insects in the sensory table and sang about spiders during circle time. All week long at home we've been singing The Itsy Bitsy Spider, so he was pretty excited to show off his skills at school.

On the pregnancy front, my baby now weighs about 5 ounces (think of a turnip) and is 5 inches long. My friend loaned me her Doppler and it's been neat hearing the heart beat whenever the desire arises. This morning I made the mistake of trying to listen to the heart beat right after breakfast. I guess the cold milk and sugar is not a good combination if you want your baby to sit still long enough to register a heart beat on the Doppler!! I swear he was doing summersaults. 18 days and counting until we learn if the baby is really a he...or a she!!

Friday, May 6, 2011

H is for Happy Birthday Daddy!

We started the week off by making May baskets. I realize we were a day late, but May seemed to creep up on me. Spencer colored on paper plates and I used them to make the May baskets. We stuffed them with goodies and delivered them to some good friends. Happy May Day! Hopefully the weather warms up soon so we can actually enjoy some outside time this month.

The letter this week was H. We did our normal letter activity by decorating a large H. I recycled an old ECFE project by cutting hearts out of it. Then Spenc glued them onto the H. He likes to glue for about  30 seconds and then becomes preoccupied by taking the cap on and off the glue stick.

Our next project was to make salt dough hand prints. Spencer did not enjoy sticking his hand onto the sticky dough and wasn't very cooperative. We had extra dough, so we cut out hearts. The end product is neat, but they take forever to bake!! We still need to paint them, because the blue food coloring grew paler and paler during the baking process. Now the color resembles moldy bread.

Thursday was my husband's birthday, so we made him a homemade card and cupcakes. After the dinner of his choosing (baked chicken, stuffing and garlic bread), we sang Happy Birthday and gave him his present and cards. The card consisted of hearts and hands to go along with the H theme for the week.

An update from last week's project: our Plant Pals are sprouting "hair" like crazy!!

In keeping with the H theme for the week, we actually got to hear the baby's heart beat for the first time on Monday!! We set up an ultrasound appt for May 31st. It feels a little weird--and very nice!!--to be scheduling an ultrasound that isn't due to any pregnancy complications. I am very excited to find out the sex!! I still think the baby is a boy. And I'm pretty sure I felt the little bambino move the other night. It was a faint feeling, like bubbles floating across my stomach, but I'm pretty sure it was my little baby. I hope I feel more movements soon. My baby is now about the size of an avocado (4 1/2 inches).

Enjoy a video of Spencer imitating what his Daddy does once he's done with his cereal.