Saturday, April 30, 2011

G is Grrrreat!

I must admit that I was not inspired by the letter G. I had to resort to looking online for some ideas. Even my husband made some suggestions when I was stumped, which turned out to be good ones (Goldfish and Grandma).

We started with our usual big letter alphabet project. Spenc was not interested in this project at all. He was distracted by the multicolor Goldfish treats. He glued one fish onto the G, and then kept saying no every time I prodded for more help. Needless to say, he munched on Goldfish while I finished his project.

The next project was my absolute favorite. It's the kind of project that keeps on giving. We planted Grass!! I found this neat idea online to make Plant Pals. I prepped the clear plastic cups the night before by gluing on faces. Then Spenc and I planted the grass seeds the next day. Once the grass grows, it will be the hair of the Plant Pals. Spenc very much enjoyed this project. His favorite part was watering the plants at the end. Ideally we would have done this outside, but the weather just wasn't cooperating. We didn't end up making too big of a mess, though. I'm excited to watch the "hair" grow on our Plant Pals. We'll see if Spencer grasps the concept once the grass starts growing.

Our next project was all about Grandmas. Spencer painted on a few pieces of white paper. That night I cut out flowers from the painted paper and glued pictures of Spencer's face in the center of the flowers. I added those to a piece of card stock and made a card for both of his grandmas. I used the leftover flowers to make some for our house.

On the pregnancy front, my baby now measures about 4 inches long and weighs about 2 1/2 inches, which is about the size of an apple. I am very bummed that our prenatal appointment for this week was rescheduled to next week. I was really looking forward to hearing the little heart beat. Since I am in the second trimester now and am not really having anymore pregnancy symptoms, I really don't feel very pregnant. I have a little rounder tummy, but it's not too very noticeable. I'm excited to start feeling the baby moving inside of me soon!!!  

Here is a video of one of Spencer's favorite past times:


  1. Love the plant pals and the flower ideas!!! So cute!!! I'll have to send Briella over to do some projects with Spencer :)