Sunday, April 10, 2011

D is for...

This week when we did our brainstorming list of Ds, we had to make two columns!! There were a lot of possibilities for the letter D. Unfortunately, we did not get to do them all. We started by putting stickers of Disney Dogs and Ducks on a big letter D. Spencer has a love/hate relationship with stickers. He's fascinated by their stickiness, but hates that he can't get them unstuck from his fingers.

We also Decorated for Easter. This took all of 5 minutes because I realized we do not have a lot of Easter decorations. Spencer did seem to think the plastic eggs were balls, and we all know how good an arm he has!! Needless to say, I chased quite a few eggs around the living room before I put them out of reach.

Our next activity was centered around picking up Ds I had cut from magazines and picking them up with a Dump truck. Spencer loves trucks, but this particular game did not hold his attention for much more than 5 minutes either.

His most favorite D activity was Drawing on the window!! He got window markers for Christmas, but we never actually used them until this week. I decided we'd do a test run outside since I didn't want to find creative ways of getting marker off my hardwood floor. He loved it!!

The rest of our D activities were interrupted by the nice weather and my icky tummy on Thursday. My husband informed me that I do not get sick days, yet he still was a sweetheart and came home a few hours early to relieve me anyway. Here are a few pictures of us enjoying the nice April weather....

By the way, my baby is now 20 months old!!! Here is a video of his most recent fascination:

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