Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Next Chapter

I am now officially unemployed. So begins the next chapter of my life. After much deliberation and serious debate, my husband and I have decided that I should test drive the whole SAHM (stay at home mom) thing for a bit. Try on the role, see how it fits. It wasn't an easy decision, believe me!! I changed my mind about a bazillion times before finally deciding this was the right decision. Once the decision was made (and the long, drawn-out process of actually "losing" my job was over), it was time to say good-bye to a very special person in our lives: our daycare provider, Krista. She has been so instrumental in Spencer's development since he was 3 months old and really became an extended member of our family, especially for Spencer.

So how do you say good-bye to such a special person? With a homemade card (and envelope), of course.

It is now the end of SAHM Day 2, and I'm tired!!! It doesn't help that both Spenc and I are sick. We've mostly just bummed around in our pjs forgoing most of the activities I had planned. We did, however, manage to do a project today. I am introducing him to the alphabet and this week is A.

Here is Spencer coloring an A that will later be strung together with all the letters and hung above his table in the family room.

Spencer is helping mix the "glue," which is vanilla pudding.

I wasn't prepared for the project and didn't have all the necessary tools. I thought the whisk would suffice as a paint brush, but it sucked. The goal was to paint the "glue" onto the paper traced with upper and lower case As.

I also didn't have a container for the "glitter," which is the powder from instant Jello, so we just poured it right from the bag instead.

I decided to try another route on picture #2 and used a Q-tip as a paint brush. It worked slightly better.

Finished product:

Lessons learned: Be prepared, know how to improvise and make the pudding slightly more runny than directed so it's not as thick of a glue.

The project was a nice distraction to the day. After that Spenc entertained himself by running into the guest room, closing the door, opening it, running out into the family room to yell, "hiiiiii!!" and then doing it all over again. I get the hint, kid, you're bored at home. Tomorrow we're off to the elementary school for an ECFE drop-in playgroup. Yippee!!

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