Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Establishing a new normal

I had been anticipating this new gig as a SAHM for months. I visualized all the fun things we'd do--classes, playgroups, projects, activities, etc. Then the time actually came and it was a huge awakening. This is hard work!!! My husband and I both sat at the kitchen table tonight eating supper exhausted. He gave me a look like he had a right to complain since he "works." I told him I'd slap him upside the head if he said what I do all day isn't "work" too.

This is week 3, and we are slowly adjusting to our new normal. Last week was completely out of whack for a few reasons: (a) Spring break meant no ECFE classes or playgroups; (b) the awful flu hit my house HARD. Needless to say, there were days where we did not get out of our jammies or leave the house. I am glad to say that week 3 is definitely off to a better start than week 2. Today, for instance, we finally made it to story time at the library! It was such a nice day that we also went for a short walk. Then we did our first B project (I will post about that later). Tomorrow we have an ECFE playgroup and special visitors: Grandma Keeha and Great Grandma Faye are coming for supper.

I never thought I'd miss the routine of a 8-5 job, but I never realized just how much a part of me it became. Once I no longer had to stick to that schedule, I felt almost aimless. And some days when Spencer is at his crabbiest and clingiest, I really could use a federally mandated 10 minute break. But nothing beats seeing the excitement on my son's face when he perfects the word "ball" and says it over and over, pointing at all his balls....or any other such event in his life. Isn't it the little things that make everything else inconsequential?

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